We have prepared this report using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 guidelines and are reporting in accordance with the Core option. Much as we do our financial reporting process, Mohawk Industries engages a third party to audit and verify the content of publicly issued reports. Accordingly, we have commissioned FIRA to provide “Moderate Assurance.”

The reporting period for this year’s report is the 2015 calendar year, which is also our fiscal year. Content is limited to the products and operations of Mohawk Industries and its wholly owned subsidiaries. During the reporting period, we acquired IVC flooring, headquartered in Belgium, and ceramic tile producer KAI Group in Bulgaria.

Our process for defining content for this report is informed by the results of a materiality assessment process and is closely aligned with our sustainability vision and strategic approach that encompasses process, products and people. In evaluating content, we sought to include data and metrics that were measurable, accurate and verifiable, primarily through invoice records and systems data.