Circular Economy

The Circular Economy Comes Home

Why waste it when we can use it? Mohawk views waste as an opportunity to create beautiful flooring products.

Mohawk contributes to the circular economy by involving our customers from start to finish. Through our carpet recycling program, ReCover, Mohawk removes carpet from customer buildings, then donates it to nonprofit organizations instead of sending it to landfills. Since 2006, ReCover has given 159 million pounds of carpet new life.

We’re also use post-consumer materials as our raw materials, which we transform into beautiful flooring products. See how a few everyday objects enter Mohawk’s manufacturing stream and take on new life.

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Bottles Into Carpet

PET bottles are cleaned, cut into pellets and converted into fibers that are tufted into our EverStrand carpet. We recycled more than 6 billion bottles in 2017.

Wood Waste into Laminate

Wood furniture and other products can be ground into chips for chipboard, which makes up the core of laminate flooring products. Quick-Step laminate boards are made with 74 percent recycled content.

Tires into Welcome Mats

Last year, we recycled 42 million pounds of old tires that were ground, combined with a binding agent, heated, then cut and decorated with images to make unique welcome mats.

PVc Pipe into backing for moduelo

Every year, IVC reclaims up to 20,000 tons of PVC material and turns it into the backing for Moduleo® luxury vinyl tile (LVT). Finished products comprise up to 50 percent recycled content.

Glass into Tile

Glass from bottles, jars and windows is melted at temperatures up to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, the glass is molded into sheets or other shapes to form new tiles.