Unethical behavior, including any type of corruption, is not tolerated within the organization. We also have policies in place throughout our global operations to deter anti-competitive behavior. As our Standards of Conduct and Ethics state succinctly, “Mohawk is committed to doing what is right and deterring wrongdoing.”

Currently, all of our business units are analyzed for corruption risks, and our audit team regularly reviews accounting records for evidence of corruption. We have determined that most salaried or white collar employees and agents of the corporation are at risk for encountering circumstances that require sound ethical judgment. This group represents roughly 24 percent of our global workforce.

Corruption training is done at least once every two years across the Company. Employees are trained, based on the nature of their job responsibilities, to understand the potential for corruption to occur. We utilize web-based anti-corruption training delivered in the local languages of salaried employees worldwide in order to help them better understand corruption policies and procedures. In addition, these individuals complete an ethics/corruption survey as part of their annual review. Our business presidents send communications highlighting specific corruption risks and the importance of ethical business practices to employees not scheduled for training in a given year. In 2015, all of our at-risk employees were trained on the Company’s corruption policies through one of these two methods.

We do not lobby directly on behalf of our own business operations, nor does the Company make financial contributions to political candidates. On occasion, Mohawk does participate in industry lobbying and public policy development efforts. Mohawk employees may make individual contributions to political candidates.