Mohawk Industries is a publicly traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “MHK.” We make the following materials available to the public on our website at

  • Board of Directors and Executive Officer listing
  • Board committee charters
  • Contact information for Board members
  • Corporate governance guidelines
  • Privacy policy
  • Related person transaction policy
  • Standards of conduct and business ethics

In addition, our 10-K and Proxy filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission are accessible through the Investor Information section of the corporate website.

Executive Compensation

Senior management and executives are compensated for performance on key indicators that include social and environmental metrics. Our Board of Directors is not compensated on these performance indicators. The Board appraises its own performance through self-assessment and committee evaluation. More information about executive and Board compensation is available in our 2016 Proxy filing.

Risk Management

We identify and address risks and opportunities faced by our business through a multi-tiered approach. Our Board of Directors and its committees assess risk and oversee risk mitigation on an enterprisewide basis across a variety of functional areas. Corporate administrative and business leaders in each of our segments support these efforts. Our finance personnel assess risk in areas such as treasury, insurance, public reporting and audit, while our legal department personnel evaluate and advise on legal risk mitigation. Operating units are responsible for risk management within their respective businesses, with oversight from our corporate administrative and executive teams.

Board of Directors

Jeffrey S. Lorberbaum | Chairman and Chief Executive Officer | Age 61*

Karen A. Smith Bogart (2)(3) | President of Smith Bogart Consulting | Age 58*

Bruce C. Bruckmann (1)(3) | Managing Director of Bruckmann, Rosser, Sherrill & Co., Inc. | Age 62*

Frans G. De Cock | Former President of Unilin | Age 73*

John F. Fiedler (2) | Former CEO and Chairman of Borg-Warner Automotive, Inc. | Age 76*

Richard C. III (1)(3) | Chairman of Triumph Group, Inc. | Age 72*

Joseph A. Onorato (1)(2) | Former Chief Financial Officer of Echlin, Inc. | Age 67*

William H. Runge III (1)(2) | Managing Director of Alvarez & Marsal | Age 64*

W. Christopher Wellborn | President and Chief Operating Officer | Age 60*

(1) Audit Committee
(2) Compensation Committee
(3) Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee
*as of December 31, 2015

Senior Management Team

Jeffrey S. Lorberbaum
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

W. Christopher Wellborn
President and Chief Operating Officer

Frank H. Boykin
Chief Financial Officer

Brian M. Carson
President of Flooring NA

Bernard P. Thiers
President of Flooring ROW

John C. Turner, Jr.
President of Ceramic NA

R. David Patton
Vice President of Business Strategy,
General Counsel and
Chief Sustainability Officer

Phil Brown
Senior Vice President of Human Resources

Jana Kanyadan
Chief Information Officer