Disaster Relief

Sending a Deluge of Care

An extraordinary hurricane season prompted an extraordinary response by Mohawk people.

Dal-Tile Bands Together for Team Member in Need

Alexis Herbert, a Dal-Tile Sales and Service Center employee, lived through the unthinkable when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in 2005. After losing nearly everything, she and her family moved to Jacksonville, Florida, to make a new start. In 2017, Hurricane Irma turned Herbert’s life upside down once again.

The record storm surge caused major flooding, destroying homes that included Herbert’s, where water rose more than two inches above the roof line. Nothing inside could be salvaged. In her family’s time of need, Dal-Tile reached out to help, facilitating immediate financial assistance so that Herbert and her family could buy food and other necessities. After the flood waters receded, Dal-Tile colleagues helped the family remove damaged drywall and furniture and gut the home down to its frame. This assistance was a tremendous help both logistically and financially, allowing Herbert’s family to begin rebuilding their home much sooner than they would have otherwise. “I’m overwhelmed by the generosity from this company and from everyone who came to help us,” Herbert says. “I love this company, and I appreciate so much what you’ve done for my family.”

Hitting the Road for Hurricane Relief

Every month, Mohawk trucks travel more than 1 million miles to transport products across the country. Through that work, our drivers have forged connections with communities throughout the United States where they have customers and suppliers. In Houston, Mohawk operates a satellite warehouse, and our ceramic division operates several sales service centers.

So, when Hurricane Harvey struck the Houston area in fall 2017, we knew we wanted to help. And with our company fleet, we had the means to do so. Mohawk teamed up with Nature’s Big Springs Water to donate and deliver more than 100,000 bottles of water to the Houston area, both to Mohawk team members and others affected by the hurricane. In addition to water deliveries, Mohawk provided assistance to Houston-area employees affected by Hurricane Harvey.