Product Innovation

Innovation with Purpose

Explore new, innovative and sustainable products and tools in the Mohawk portfolio.

Virtual Reality Technology

Putting on a headset and walking around a virtual room may seem like an odd way to shop, but for customers who need to know what a product will look like in their space before committing, it is a technology that is helping them fall in love with our flooring. Using virtual reality (VR) technology, the Mohawk Group is allowing customers to come as close as possible to seeing our products in their homes without actually installing them. Through demo VR environments, as well as customized ones, we can recreate a customer’s space. All they have to do is look at the floor and, with the swipe of a hand, experience dozens of different products — all without wasting material on flooring samples. VR may soon become a standard tool for both residential and commercial sales, and Mohawk is proud to be an early adopter of the technology.


Air.o carpet offers innovation not just in its design, but also its materials. The product is easy to install and features moisture resistance that reduces household odors. And because it is made from 100 percent recycled PET, it can be ground down and repurposed as new carpet when it is no longer needed — making it a truly closed-loop product.

EcoFlex Matrix

EcoFlex backings for our carpet tiles include environmentally friendly features such as lighter weights and no harmful materials, and can contribute to green building certifications including LEED v4, Living Building Challenge or the WELL Building Standard. Our latest release, EcoFlex Matrix, features at least 40 percent recycled content.

RevWood Plus

In 2018, we debuted RevWood Plus, a revolutionary new crossover product that brings together the best attributes of laminate and wood. The product features a combination of proprietary technologies that combine to make the flooring 100 percent waterproof. The Uniclic joint system, GenuEdge pressed beveled edge and Hydroseal perimeter coating work together to trap liquid on the surface, protecting both the floor and subfloor.

2D Floor Plans

For customers who want to quickly visualize a new floor covering in their space, the Mohawk Group now offers free 2D floor plans that simulate a space customized with any number of products. The plans include tools to assist builders, including estimates of product required and projected waste using each plan, as well as easy-to-read installation guides to accompany chosen products. The tool not only results in a better final product, but also helps ensure that little to no sample materials are wasted in the process.